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Corruption is one the most disruptive forces in our society and many lives have been changed and disrupted because it goes unchallenged.  I was a victim of corruption and my life has been changed forever.  I am trying to make the best of a bad situation.  I want to share my experiences in the hope that changes can be made to the laws and how we respond to dishonesty in government.  This is not the story of corruption, but it is the story of my life and how corruption has affected me and the thousands of people who could have been helped by me.  They will never know the effect that corruption has had on their lives. 

My story is one that must be told.  Once I tell my story, I will tell the underlying themes of the books I have written and how they relate to my experiences.  Before the corruption, I owned a small company that made special radios so that blind people could listen to the daily newspapers.  There are services all over the country that provide this programming for the blind.  Other engineers had tried to make these radios, but they did not work well.  They were noisy with poor fidelity.  So I worked hard and used all of my talent to make a superior product.  They were, literally, the best radios for this purpose ever made.  Although my radios were expensive, they were well worth the money and the listeners appreciated my efforts.  It brought me so much satisfaction that my talents made a positive difference in people’s lives.

We also made equipment for emergency alerting such as AMBER alerts.  We even sold special radios to the militaries of the United States and Israel.  My employees and I were proud of our company.  Occasionally we were contacted by brokers who wanted to arrange the sale of my company to a large company, but I had no interest in giving up my work.

For the last fourteen years, I have been trying to clear my name and rebuild my business.  In August, I turned 70 years old and I am further than ever from either goal.  Even if I cleared my name, I am not sure if I still have the stamina to start again.  I am very tired, actually weary.  But I want people to know my story and so I am posting this last essay.  I hope that the right people read it and bring about change, but that is unlikely.  I have a weakness that should not have prevented me from succeeding in all of my endeavors, but it did.  I am trusting; I believe in treating people as I wish to be treated and I expect others to do that same.  It may be considered naïve, but that is the way I am and will be until I die.

Let me go back to 1987 when my company was growing and the future looked bright and hopeful.  Being a perfectionist, I constantly looked at my receivers to make them better and better.  I looked at each fault in the receiver and tried to figure out the reason why the problem existed.  Often, the fault was caused by a combination of problems.  I tackled each problem independently until I felt that it was as good as it gets.  I had even designed a totally new method of receiving SCA that improved fidelity, reduced noise, and simplified alignment.

But, in late 1987, I lost an entire month’s income because of a dishonest ethnic broadcaster’s bad check.  I had no idea how to recover the money and nobody would help me.  While this was happening, I was planning my move into new facilities in Mason, New Hampshire. 

A manufacturer of SCA generators saw my new receiver and decided that this was the first receiver that was as good as his generator.  He introduced me to his patent lawyer and recommended that I patent the design.  Getting a patent was the worst mistake of my career and one of the biggest mistakes of my life.  The lawyer’s fees sucked the money out of my business.  Sometimes as much as one-quarter of our sales went to the patent lawyer.  This occurred while I was trying to recover from the losses incurred through the bad check from the ethnic broadcaster.

At one point, I decided to give up on the patent, but the lawyer insisted that the patent was very valuable and so I continued.  I maxed-out all of my credit cards, and it was still not enough.  I sold some stock that I owned in another company to cover some of the costs, and it was still not enough.  A few years later, those stock certificates were worth over 500,000 dollars! 

When the patent was finally granted, I told the patent lawyer that there was infringement and he told me that it costs a million dollars to stop infringement, but he could get me a million dollar loan if I gave him a hundred thousand dollars “finder’s fee.”  I declined and he told me that he had “friends” who would like to invest in my company.  They wanted cheap and I wanted quality so it did not work.  The lawyer said that he had a financial interest in a Chinese company and if they made my receivers, then they would take care of the patent.  Again, I declined for the same reason.  For all practical purposes, the patent’s only value was to frame it and hang it on the wall. 

Despite paying the lawyer every dollar that I could afford, I still owed him a lot of money.  He made me a deal that if I testify in a lawsuit and claim that he does a good job at a reasonable price, he would cut my bill in half.  I felt that was untrue and refused.  A few days later, I got a call from his lawyer threatening to sue me if I did not pay. 

I tried to hire a lawyer to handle the case, but each time that they learned the name of the patent lawyer, they declined.  One lawyer literally told me to leave his office upon learning the patent lawyer’s name.  I took the matter to the New Hampshire Attorney General.  After reviewing my documents, an assistant AG told me that the lawyer’s conduct was criminal and that the lawyer would be prosecuted if I could prove that he set foot in New Hampshire on my behalf.  I could not.  He told me that I had a civic duty to report the lawyer to the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers (BBO).  I asked if he could recommend a lawyer whom I could hire to assist me and he told me that normally he could not, but since no lawyer wanted to help, he recommended a former associate.   

I sent the same documents to the lawyer recommended by the AG and to the BBO.  After several weeks the patent lawyer called and told me that it cost a lot of money to get the charges dropped and that he would sue me.  Within minutes, I got a letter from the BBO claiming that the lawyer had done nothing wrong.  I visited the lawyer recommended by the AG and he said that he had found numerous cases of malpractice and unethical behavior.  He could not believe the report from the BBO. 

I will not go into all of the damage done by the lawsuit filed by the lawyer for the worthless patent!  But I discovered that he ruined the lives of a number of inventors with his scheming and theft. 

I had gone into a lot of debt for the patent because I thought that it would be of value.  But, then the next blow came when the credit card companies jacked up the interest rates into the high twenties, making interest on the loans my biggest expense. 

By this time, I had become an authority on SCA.  In previous years, I had worked for radio stations utilizing SCA.  That gave me the opportunity to learn the problems encountered at the transmitter side.  I had designed a commercial quality SCA generator which I used for testing, but never got into production.  Finally, I had designed arguably the best receiver ever made.  I had actually worked on all aspects of SCA at both the system level and the component level.  Without seeming immodest, I was probably the world’s leading expert on SCA technology, but instead of fully utilizing my skills, talents, experience and knowledge, I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to pay my bills, and most regrettably, the interest on the loans to pay for the worthless patent. 

As the years passed, the situation just got worse and worse.  Some customers were slow and some never paid.  (I am thankful that some customers paid in advance.)  I had to wait until I was paid before I could purchase parts to build more receivers.  And more and more banks boosted their interest rates.  Some of my customers stopped buying from me because of my slow delivery. 

On September 7, 2001 one of my supplies told me that they had not kept an inventory of a certain filter as they had promised.  The filter is a sole-source part and essential for the receivers.  The supplier told me that they could get stock in about three months.  I would not be able to ship any receivers for three months.  I would have to depend upon prepaid orders and receivables to keep the business going.  A few days after learning that the parts would not be available was September 11, 2001.  Everything went crazy after that.  There was almost no income and I was barely able to pay my employees.  I was not able to pay my taxes. 

Once the parts arrived in December 2001, we started building receivers, but I discovered that some parts were mismarked and needed to be reordered.  This further delayed shipment and I had almost run out of money.  Then in March 2002, I got a letter from MBNA bank offering a loan to me.  MBNA was not an honest bank and this was a “bait and switch” scam.  They were offering a mortgage.  I expected a quick turnaround but with a high interest rate.  It turned out that the banker wanted to get an appraisal of my house so that he could change the address and use it for a fraudulent loan to another party.  I lost another few months.  I applied for another loan with my house as collateral.  The loan was granted under the condition that I could not use the money to pay the IRS.  The loan brought in enough money to keep the business going. 

During these months, I was contacted by a company in Florida that wanted to use SCA for traffic reports.  They paid me a handsome sum for the design and development of their product.   

In order to keep things going, I decided to sell my house.  It would eliminate the largest loan and give me some money to catch up with the IRS.  The financing for the buyer took over a month and so instead of getting the money in December, I got it in February 2003. I did some calculations and with the next payment from the Florida project, I could catch up with the IRS and buy some parts needed to fill some orders.  I had passed over the hump and the future looked good. 

In the middle of February 2003, the IRS demanded that I go to their office and discuss the past-due taxes.  The first thing the agent did was to tell me that I was a liar and a tax- cheat.  I explained my situation and pointed out that I had made regular payments to catch up.  She again said that I lied until I showed the receipts to her.  Then she said my payments were not large enough.  I showed the contract from the Florida company proving that payment would come within four weeks, but she declared that the contract was a forgery and that four weeks was not soon enough.  She demanded that I give the IRS the money intended for payroll to my employees and the balance in two weeks.  She said that I could walk into any bank and get a loan immediately. 

I went to my bank and asked for a loan for two weeks so that I could pay the IRS.  The bank refused and gave to me the name of a “non-traditional” lender.  He gave the name of his lawyer to me and it turned out to be a relative.  I decided that I had finally found a lawyer whom I could trust.  I was so wrong! 

I hired the lawyer’s associate and he contacted the IRS to get some extra time.  When the payment was received, I entrusted him with $20,000 which was sufficient to resolve the issue.  While I waited for him to resolve the issue, I started negotiating some large design contracts.  I was also contacted by a Canadian company that wanted to make some of my receivers in China.  That would have meant that I would receive royalties for the receivers that he sold and I would have had a low-cost alternative for some of my customers. 

Unknown to me, the lawyer had no clients and he needed money urgently.  He decided that the he needed the money more than the IRS.  He told me that the IRS refused my payment and would seize the business within hours if I did not file for bankruptcy immediately.  He never looked at the company books or even discussed bankruptcy with me.  He took the money and I signed the papers.  He filed false papers with the court to make it appear that the company was insolvent.  I ended up selling the building that housed the business to pay his legal fees and make payment to the creditors.  Unfortunately, some of the creditors never got their money.  He took every cent out of the business.  The work of a lifetime was destroyed.  I worked so hard to build the business and sacrificed everything so that the business would succeed.  The business was my whole life and it was gone, destroyed! 

Since numerous federal crimes had been committed, I went to the FBI.  Without even looking at the evidence, the agent told me that they do not have jurisdiction to investigate lawyers who commit federal crimes.  He told me to go to the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers, the BBO.  I went to the New Hampshire Attorney General and an agent actually reviewed the documents.  He told me that the FBI is the only agency with jurisdiction.  I contacted the Massachusetts Attorney General and was told to hire a lawyer.  I had no money to hire a lawyer. 

I filed a complaint with the BBO and charged the lawyer with fraud, tax fraud, embezzlement, and perjury.  I used the General Electric account to prove embezzlement.  After nine months, they exonerated the lawyer, claiming that the IRS agent acted improperly.  By default, they implied that the embezzlement took place in the General Electric bank.  I asked to see the evidence of the investigation and I requested a hearing before the full Board.  Both of my requests were refused and the investigation was closed.  It was obvious that the investigation was a cover-up and they made no effort to hide that fact.  Once the BBO clears a lawyer, no other agency will investigate. 

Then the lawsuits started.  Some of the banks realized that I was a victim of fraud and left me alone, but four banks came after me:  Bank of America, Chase, Discover, and General Electric.  They were nasty and it seems that they were after vengeance for having allowed my lawyer to steal money from them.  They threatened and harassed my parents who were in their eighties.  The lawyer for Chase Bank sent me other people’s bank statements with name, address and social security number, as a threat to me.  In Massachusetts, that’s perfectly legal.  He then filed multiple lawsuits for the same account and for an account that never existed.  The banks did not care that the accounts were stolen; they just wanted their money. 

When General Electric sued me, I used discovery to request documents from the BBO, but they refused and the judge ignored my written motion to compel.  I showed the judge documents proving, beyond any doubt, that money had been embezzled and that the BBO exonerated the lawyer.  Embezzlement of bank funds is a federal offense.  Neither the lawyer nor the judge reported the crime, and their failure to do so is called misprision of a felony and obstruction of justice.  In most states, this can cause a lawyer to be disbarred and a judge to be removed from the bench.  The judge ruled that I am legally responsible for recovering the stolen funds.  Because of his judgment, General Electric can persecute me for the rest of my life. 

I sent a letter to the US Attorney and did not receive a written response, but a few months later, some deputy sheriffs went to the home of my elderly parents and conducted a warrantless search of their property looking for something to seize for General Electric.  I filed a complaint against the sheriff’s department with my local police for illegal search and seizure as well as witness intimidation.  To my knowledge, there was no investigation, but months after I filed the complaint, the sheriff was found in Maine with a bullet in his brain.  I do not know if there was any connection between my complaint and his death. 

These past years have been the roughest of my life.  When I was a young man in the Army, I was stationed in Vietnam.  Although my assignment was much better than many men who were there, it was still a war zone.  At any time, I could have been shot or blown up by a mortar.  But, I could fight back and the men with whom I served watched each other’s back.  And I knew that if I made it home, I had my whole life ahead of me.  But, I do not know how to fight back against these evil banks, lawyers, and judges and I am alone with nobody watching my back.  And I do not feel that I have a future.  My youth is gone, my business is gone, my career is gone, my reputation is destroyed, and I face persecution by General Electric and others who care only about money and vengeance.  I did not inherit my Constitutional Rights, I earned them through my service.  I feel that the actions by the government in this matter are a repudiation of my service and sacrifice to our country. 

I became deeply depressed.  I had put my whole life into my business.  Not only did I loose all my money and over thirty years of my life, but because of my business, I never married and never had children.  I had lost everything important in life.  My reputation had been so badly damaged, by the lawyer and the lawsuits, that nobody would do business with me.  My career was destroyed by my poor health resulting from the stress of the lawsuits and the threats to my parents.  And worst of all, I had been robbed of my future.   

The most exciting part of my career was design and development because it was creative and in many ways artistic.  I missed being creative; I missed being artistic!  So, I bought a refurbished digital camera and started taking wildlife pictures.  I especially enjoyed taking pictures of Canada geese and goslings.  I envied the loving parents taking care of their young.  I had always wanted children and I wished I could be like those geese raising their young.  Taking pictures helped me to deal with my depression.  Then, I started writing essays about my photographs.  Next I started writing short stories.  And then I wrote my first novel. 

My first story was “Tales from a Haunted House.”  It was based upon a story idea that I had had many years ago while driving home through a snow storm.  It is about a house deep in the woods that was built by a man for his beloved.  Because of that love, the house acquired a soul that gave to all good people within its walls that which they needed to find happiness and success.  Writing the story was wonderful because I could literally drift into a fantasy world of my own creation.   I created honest people who worked hard to achieve their goals.  I enjoyed being with them and sharing their lives.  The story has a ‘pay it forward’ theme which expresses the care and concern that I have for others.  Since the day I lost my business, I have been very isolated, talking only to those people with whom I occasionally share the beauty of the woods.  It was so nice being with these wonderful people whom I created in my story.   

Then I wrote “The Last Summer” where I could express my regrets about my life and express the sadness that I felt about never marrying and having children.  The story is about the writer of trashy romance novels who is told by his doctor that he will die in about six months.  Upon reflection of his life, he realizes that he has never done anything of value that will last beyond his death, so he decides to write a great novel.  During those last days, he meets the woman for whom he has been searching all of his life.  They both enjoy hiking and mountain climbing and during the last summer of his life, he finds true happiness, and love.   

The woman in the story suffers from chronic depression that lasted for most of her life, and prevented her from finding happiness and achieving something to last beyond her death.  I show the reader how depression feeds upon itself.  And Robert regrets that he never reached his full potential, writing only trashy novels.  But he most regrets that he never married and had children.  Each of them had wasted their lives, but yet still had a chance to do something of value, something to live beyond their deaths, during the last summer.  Most of all “The Last Summer” is about hopelessness and how the two characters dealt with it.  At the end of the story, the reader will realize that there is always hope and that each of us has a reason for living. 

For me, writing these two novels has been an exciting experience.  It has helped me to deal with my depression and it has given me the opportunity to say, “This is who I am!” It shows that I am more than just a victim of a dishonest lawyer and a corrupt legal system, but that I am an honest and caring person, like many of the characters in my stories.  I am not the dishonest person portrayed by the bank lawyers.  I was deeply hurt, and always will be, by their slanderous portrayals of me in court. 

These stories were not written for others to enjoy, but so that I could say what I wanted and needed to say.  The theme of “Tales from a Haunted House” is that honesty, hard work, perseverance, and charity is the way to find happiness and success.  And for “The Last Summer” the theme is that we should never waste our lives.  We should always strive for the best and never, never sell our souls.  If others can gain inspiration and live a better life after reading my books, than that’s great.  

I don’t believe that my books will achieve any level of popularity.  I’ll be lucky if I sell enough books to pay my real-estate taxes.  The only books that sell are full of sex and violence, books like “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  My books are clean, rated PG.  You don’t have to hide them from the kids!  But maybe in the future, clean wholesome books with a message of morality will have a place in our culture and society.  Maybe teachers will assign them to their classes.  Maybe I will have left something of value behind.  The opening quotation in “The Last Summer” is by Horace Mann.  “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” I hope that people get inspiration and hope from my stories.  I hope that the readers are entertained and inspired, and most of all, I hope that my books qualify as a victory for humanity. 

I do not expect that I will ever resolve my legal problems.  The Massachusetts Attorney General does not investigate crimes against individuals, but only crimes against special interest groups.  The personnel at the Attorney General claim that the only agency that can investigate crimes against an individual is the Lawyer Referral Service.  When I accumulated enough money, I hired a lawyer through their agency.  I provided him with documents to prove crime and corruption, but he had no idea how to conduct a criminal investigation, or maybe somebody got to him.  For three-and-a-half years, he pushed papers around.  He found that material evidence had been destroyed.  He quit just after the statutes of limitation expired.  The statute of limitation for being a crime victim is up to twenty-six years.  That comes to the year 2030 and I do not think that I will live that long.  I am seventy years old and I believe that this will haunt me for the rest of my life. 

If the banks really cared about people and not just money, they would have helped me to bring justice to the lawyer who defrauded them and me, and maybe even help me to recover and rebuild.  But, that’s too much to expect from these banks! 

Since the destruction of my business, I have had business opportunities, but the offers were withdrawn after a background check showed the numerous suits filed against me.  The lawyer destroyed my company; the banks destroyed my career! 

What should anger people is that not only were I and my employees hurt, but the thousands of blind and handicapped people who could have benefited from my talents were also hurt.  The lawyers, bankers and government literally stole from the blind.  It had been my plan to work at my company for another five, ten, or fifteen years and then sell and retire.  I would then have had plenty of time and money to tinker with gadgets to help blind and handicapped people.  I could probably have helped thousands or even tens of thousands of people.  Instead, I have spent the last fourteen years fighting these banks.  Instead of relaxing in my retirement, I am anxious about what nasty plans these evil banks have for me in the future.  That is ruining my health and probably shortening my life.  But I will keep trying to seek justice until I clear my name.  I also want to bring about changes in our legal system so that this never happens to another person.   

(The words of John Greenleaf Whittier echo through my mind: "For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: 'It might have been!'") 

The lawyer who destroyed my business is still practicing law and I can only wonder how many lives he has ruined and how many he will ruin until he is stopped!  He knows that he cannot be prosecuted.  And the banks are getting bigger and stronger with no oversight by the government.  I would urge people not to do business with the aforementioned banks. 

There are people in this world who create and build, and then there are the parasites who steal and destroy.  I wish that the present and former Massachusetts Attorneys General could know how many people were hurt because they protect the corrupt lawyers in and out of government.   

The only way to change the law is to let people know of its flaws.  The way that crime victims are treated is a disgrace to the Massachusetts court system and to the Office of Attorney General.  Perhaps if these flaws are exposed, I will be vindicated.  At the very least, changes will be made. 

There was a time when lawyers and judges were officers of the court and had a duty to the law and justice.  Those times have passed and now lawyers only care about money, and judges only care about those who put them on the bench. 

I hope that people who are in a position to change the law read this and work to make reforms.  I have documents to support my claims. 

Frank Karkota

Please visit to see my creative work.  A web site for my book is at with links for purchasing the books.


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ComPol's Mason, New Hampshire facility.  Not very fancy, but very functional.  The new owner decided to tear it down and build a couple of houses.

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